Imagine A guy just woke up the next day after a break up, realizing that he was free from bondage, he begins dancing around the house because the best thing in his life just happened. 

BMI Work # 4353508
ISWC # T-904549061-7



Verse I

You’d better forget her, the girl she doesn’t love you at all. You’d better forget her , she doesn’t answer you when you call. Your not the kind of guy that would stay around forever. Why don’t you let her be, so we could be together.

Why can’t you realize, this girl is much too wise.

Verse II

You’d better forget her, the girl is not the same anymore. You’d better forget her, I think by now you should know the score. She’s always catered to, every whim you’ve ever had in the past. I’m sure that’s over now, did you think that situation would last.

Music Part

You’d better forget her, the girl is tired of playing your game. You’d better forget her She doesn’t even mention your name. It stands to reason that she doesn’t want you for a lover. You’re wasting precious time, go out and find another.

You’d better forget her, you’d better forget her.

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From The Album ( Frankie m. & Harborside)

Words & Music By: Frank Conrad Musumici