Hoboken is my old home town; my thoughts are always there,  and there are things about it that I'd really like to share. There's something in the water or maybe in the air, but if you're from Hoboken, your heart is always there.

You may be old, you may be young or maybe in-between, but if you're from the old mile square, you'll know just what I mean.

People from Hoboken are a different breed apart for what they say is what they they mean; It comes right from the heart.

There's one thing you can count on, there is loyalty in that town, the friends you make in Hoboken will never let you down.

And if you need to wander to fulfill your destiny, you'll take Hoboken with you that's a solid guarantee.

I grew up in old Hoboken, and for me I'd like to state, it's the people from Hoboken that make Hoboken great.



Awaken from your dreamless  sleep back from the realm beyond, and look upon the world tonight with wonder and alarm.

For there will come a time when all you know will cease to be and all you did in life is but a distant memory.

Refrain from sowing seeds  you know will never bear you fruit for time is of the essence and it's not the friend of youth.

You came into this world with the intention to create, knowing you and only you  is master of your fate.

Ask your heart and search your soul for what you know is true. And get on with the work you came into this world to do.

Don't put too much importance to this thing we know as fame, for it will soon diminish like a slowly dying frame

And when it comes to pass when you are  finally laid to rest, they'll know that in your humble way, you walked among the best.