Feline Fever 


Feline Fever


I felt excruciating pain in my chest every time I tried to breathe. My head hurt like hell, and I could barely open my eyes. I lay on my back, approximately twenty feet from my brother’s classic 1958 Chevy Impala convertible whose, front end was smashed in when I hit the tree. It was his pride and joy. I shuddered to think what front end damage he would inflict on me when he saw what I had done to his baby. He had asked me to drive it to a car show, about thirty miles away while he met with a client on some important business deal.  He said he would meet me there.


I tried to get up but when I did the pain was so intense that it made me nauseous. I tried moving my legs, and they seemed to be okay, but the pain in my chest increased with every breath.  I remembered swerving, to avoid hitting some animal that darted in front of the car. I had jerked the wheel to the left and lost control. The car went off the road and plowed into a large tree. The drivers’ door flew open on impact, and I managed to get free from the mangled mess. I staggered for a bit and fell. 


The pain wasn’t as bad if I took shallow breaths. It was just about noon but the canopy of trees shaded me from the sun, At least I wasn’t laying in direct sunlight. Fearing that no one passing by could see me, I decided to try to reach the side of road, where I had a better chance to be spotted. The highway was about twenty feet to my left and up a slight embankment. I bent my knees and turned very slowly until my head faced the highway, then I wriggled and pushed my self up.


I struggled backward, wincing in pain every time my stomach muscles tightened for another push.  


I was about halfway to the road when I began to feel nauseous again. I turned my head to vomit but nothing came out. It was then that I saw a huge black cat, a short distance away. Its eyes were a dark solid blue.


I had never seen eyes like that on a cat before. It looked at me with mild curiosity; it looked to be contemplating whether to stay and see what would happen with this curious human or to continue its quest for mice and birds, and other things to chase.


I passed out and when I awoke, the cat was gone. In its place knelt the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Her long black hair swayed gently in the breeze, teased by the wind. Her deep blue eyes met mine and she said in a soft soothing voice,


“Please lie still, I called 911, they’ll be here soon”. “Thank you” I said in a weak voice. , I heard the siren in the distance, saw the bright flashing lights a while later and answered some questions asked by the paramedics. I woke up in the hospital.


A doctor stood at the side of the bed ‘Hi, I’m Dr. Stiles, you came to this hospital unconscious after an auto accident, do you remember what happened? . “


It hurt just to answer.


“Yes, I wrecked my brother’s car.”


“How are you feeling?”  The doctor asked, scribbling something on his clipboard.


“Everything hurts, especially when I breathe”


“You have a few fractured ribs and some cuts and bruises, but we’ll fix you up good as new. I’ll give you something for the pain and check on you later. If you need anything, talk to the nurse she’ll be looking in on you in a few minutes.  Do you have any questions for me?


I shook my head no, “Thanks Doc.”


The nurse came in a few minutes later and gave me a shot. After that I slept for long time.  The next day, after a few tests I was released. When I was wheeled out of the main entrance of the hospital, my brother was waiting to take me home. I saw a mixture of concern and anger in his eyes as he helped me into the car.  I told him the whole story, and to my relief, he told me that I was more important than a car. Besides, He had had the car towed and the damage was more cosmetic than mechanical.


He dropped me off at my house with the instructions that I should call him if I needed anything. After calling work, and tending to some other immediate business, I prepared to relax and recuperate. There were a few TV series that I wanted to binge watch and some movies that I wanted to check out. During the next few days I couldn’t help thinking about the woman in the woods, my rescuer.


I hadn’t seen any houses in the area, so I figured that she must have driven pass in a vehicle, saw me and stopped to investigate. I promised myself, that I would try to locate her when I was feeling a little better.



One night I dreamt that I saw the black cat from the woods, sitting outside on the window ledge. As I moved forward to take a closer look, the cat jumped off the ledge and disappeared.



I had the same dream for two nights in a row. On the third night I was sitting in bed reading, when I saw the cat sitting on my window ledge, again. This time I wasn’t dreaming, I got up from the bed slowly and approached the window.  This time the cat stayed, all the while its deep blue eyes fixed on mine. There was no sign of fear or caution. As I came close to the window it jumped off the ledge and disappeared. I opened the window Looked out into the night. It was clear and the yard light was on, but there was no sign of the cat anywhere.


The paramedics were nice guys. They remembered picking me up at the crash site, but didn’t remember anyone else being at the scene. They said an anonymous caller had notified 911. I went back to work and my life went on as it had been before the accident. I Worked, did a little socializing with friends, went on the occasional date, and so on.


I hadn’t seen the cat for a while, and almost forgot about it, but I couldn’t get the girl out of my mind. One Sunday as I was sitting on my front porch enjoying a cold beer, I spotted her walking my way. I was suddenly and painfully aware that I was wearing ripped jeans and an old ratty T-shirt. I had so many questions, but the site of that beautiful girl made me forget them.



She walked up to the porch; leaned forward, smiled sweetly and said, “ It looks like you’re feeling better.”
That was it, I was in love, I was in love with a girl that I didn’t even know, a girl who I had seen only twice in my life. (She seems to be interested in me) I thought, wondering why. I had to say something before the dream faded before my eyes. “I feel much better, thank you for what you did for me. Can I treat you to a nice dinner tonight to show my appreciation?” I braced myself for a let down.


‘I’d like that” she said.


I was shocked.


“What time should I pick you up?”


“I’ll meet you here. How does seven o’clock sound?



“Great.” I said and watched her walk away, not believing what just happened.


Suddenly I realized something. “Hey I called to her, what’s your name?”


Charlotte Lamont, she replied.



”I’m Frank.”



”I know.”


 My brother’s ex wife Linda wasn’t exactly my favorite person. She and my brother Jack had been married for only two years. He was struggling at the time with a small business that he had recently started and was having trouble making ends meet. My brother and are close but he is more the silent type and we never really discussed his marriage.  During family get-togethers however, I always sensed a quiet desperation in their presence.
Linda, I later found out, was craving the good things in life and had a problem with my brother’s progress in that regard. They divorced as a matter of course and a short time later she married a doctor. Linda and her doctor were married approximately five years, when he suddenly collapsed of heart attack in the presence of a patient that he was advising about avoiding heart problems.


Needless to say Linda became wealthy as a result and satisfied with her new life, turned her attention to my brother again. They started seeing each other and although my brother told me that he would never marry again, it was obvious that Linda was trying to change his attitude on that subject. The important thing was that my brother was happy and that's all that mattered it was his life anyway.


Charlotte showed up at 7 o’clock sharp. Her beauty just took my breath away. We hopped in my car and off we went. The dinner was fantastic, I learned a lot about Charlotte, which made her very intriguing indeed.


I learned for example that her mom and dad had vanished in a private plane owned by a friend, when it plunged into the ocean on their way to Bermuda.  The friend and her parent’s bodies were never recovered.
She was just ten years old at the time and was left in the care of her mother’s brother and his wife. She grew up a solitary child roaming the woods that surrounded her uncle’s property. She said that she was very happy during her childhood because she loved to explore and didn’t mind at all doing it alone.


She made friends easily at school and did all the things that a young girl her age would do, and she treasured those friendships, but still enjoyed exploring the woods on her own.


She further explained that she was exploring the day that she found me. I had crashed on her uncle’s property. Her uncle’s land was quite extensive and their house was hidden from the highway by a small cluster of trees.


The dinner was great. I don’t know when I’ve had such a wonderful time on a date. After dinner I asked if she would like to come back to my place and relax with a bottle wine. She said she would but she couldn’t stay long, since she had to get ready for a business trip on the following day.


When we got home we relaxed on the porch sipping our wine and talking.  When she was ready to leave, she leaned over rubbed each of my cheeks with her hers and then kissed me. 


It reminded me of the European greeting where both cheeks are kissed but she rubbed them instead. The kiss was sweet, sensual and left me with a burning desire for her.


I walked her home to her apartment complex that was about twenty minutes from my house, and then headed back to my place, more in love with her than ever.


Several days later when she came back from her trip, we decided to do some take out and watch a movie. After dinner we curled up on my sofa and started to watch a popular movie. I put my arm around her and pulled her close to me and as I did she cuddled up against my chest. The smell of her perfume and the warmth of her body aroused me, but I didn’t want to spoil anything so I decided to wait until she gave me a sign that she was ready to go further.


As we watched the movie I began to dose off. I was awakened by a curious sound. It sounded like a cat purring. I looked down at Charlotte who was asleep against my chest and I heard that she was purring, purring like a cat. She opened her eyes and smiled at me and the purring stopped. I thought for moment and decided that she was probably snoring gently.


 The next day we met my brother for lunch and I introduced her to him, Roy this is Charlotte, Charlotte this is my brother Roy. She gave him a dazzling smile, just as Linda, who had insisted on joining us, entered the restaurant and sat at our table. “And this is Linda, “ I added. “Pleased to meet you Linda, “Charlotte said sweetly. Linda’s smile was tight, “The pleasure’s all mine.” Linda replied. Linda was quiet during lunch and I sensed that she didn’t approve of Charlotte.


We began seeing each other every day, and eventually she spent more time in my house than in her own place. One day we began kissing passionately. I took her hand and gently led her to my bedroom. 
We made love and the sex was incredible. When we finished she laid her head on my chest. It was then that I decided I would ask her to marry me. I took my time thinking about how I was going to propose, but first I called my brother and told him the news. Roy was ecstatic,


I think she’s perfect for you, He said, at least she’ll keep you in line. “Have you asked her yet?”


“Not yet I’m waiting for the right time.”


“Well don’t wait too long or I’ll scoop her up myself.”


”By the way how’s it going with Linda?” I asked.  Roy shrugged his shoulders and shook his head.


“I don’t know, I think Linda is under the impression that we’ll get back together again; unfortunately I don’t feel the same. We’ve been there before it didn’t work then and I don’t think it’ll work now.”


“Well Roy, make sure you let her down easy, Linda doesn’t take no very well.”


I tried to think of different ways to propose to Charlotte, I really didn’t like the way some people got on one knee with a bunch of people watching and proposed that way.


I thought asking someone to marry you is a very private thing. But I’m a private kind of guy, and I think it should be done when both people are alone. So I decided to test the waters a little bit and start hinting, the next time we were alone.


We were sitting on my porch one night, when I decided to just come right out and propose.  Charlotte You know I love you very much and you’ve told me that you love me too, so will you marry me. It was simple and to the point, and that’s how I wanted it to be. I braced myself for the letdown. There were tears in her eyes, she looked at me and said. Frank I would love to marry you, I really would, but there’re things about me that you don’t know.


Oh no I thought, she’s a high-class call girl. I knew it. Why should a woman like that want me?


“Well if there’s something that I should know, now is the time to tell me”. I said.


“Okay, if you really feel, that you want to pursue marriage, I guess you might as well know the whole truth.”


“I’m ready,” I said nervously.


She took my hand in hers, looked deep into my eyes, and said.


I’m a cat.


You’re a what? I asked confused.


A cat. Please let me explain and I’d like you to save your questions until I’m through. 


“Okay” I said, but I thought that she had completely lost her mind. Or maybe she really didn’t want to get married and this was her way of backing out. I couldn’t wait to hear what she had to say. She cleared her throat like a nervous lecturer and began.


One out of every one million people on this planet is a cat. The correct term for people like me is man cat. A man - cat is a general term for both male and female human cats. Now, we are not were - cats which is the cat version of a werewolf.  Those are mythical creatures that belong in horror movies and folklore.


We are just people who can turn into cats at will. We don’t have any magical powers. We’re not witches, warlocks or magicians. There’s nothing supernatural about us except the fact that we can change into cats. We don’t know how or why it happens it just does. A man cat does not know its nature until it hits puberty, and that’s when some catlike behavior strikes.


 It is the responsibility of every man cat to notify a Secret Society when they become aware that a young man cat is ready to be guided.  That organization is known to our Kind as the Man-Cat Society. The young man cat has to be taught how and when to transform lest he or she transforms in an inopportune time when regular people are around.



Many man cats were slaughtered in the distant past because they were thought to be a witches’ familiar or a Were-Cat, the cat version of a werewolf. That is why the man - cat society was born. It has protected man - cats for over 500 years.


She paused and looked at me. “I know it sounds crazy, and I know you have a million questions and if you think I’m crazy and you want to change your mind about marrying me, I won’t blame you, I’ll just go.”
I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know what to think, I just pulled her close and kissed her.


“It does sound crazy I said, are you ready for my questions? She nodded, “then here goes.”


“Does your family know what you are?


No, to them and I’m just a normal girl.


When and how did you find out that you are a man cat?


“I had a teacher in high school that belonged to the man - cat society.  She smelled me out, and prepared me for my Life as a man - cat.” That’s how we can tell another man-cat, by smell.


“Do you belong to the society?”


“No but they keep in contact.”


“Are there certain times during the year that you have to transform?”


“No, we transform at will. Some man - cats only transform a few times during their lifetime. They prefer to live a normal human life.”


“Does it hurt to transform?”


“No when you’re transforming you get the sensation that you’re falling forward on your hands and knees in slow motion. When your hands touch the floor you are already in your cat form. “


“How did it feel when you first transformed?”


“The first couple of times that you transform you must be with your guide. Don’t forget that all of your life you’ve been walking upright. Now you have to get used to walking on four legs and it takes a while to get used to it. You are using new muscles and you have to acclimate yourself to your cat body. “But the sensation is wonderful.’


“How about if you’re pregnant as a human, are you still pregnant when you transform into a cat?”


“No, a man - cat cannot get pregnant as a cat. First of all we don’t go into heat and other cats see you as a human not a cat.  As humans our children are normal.”


Now here’s the Ultimate question I said. Will you transform for me?


“If I do you’ll have to be prepared for it. To see someone transform can be a shocking experience for some people. Remember up until now you may not fully understand what I’m telling you, but when I transform, you will have no choice but to believe me, and you may never be the same.”


As a matter of fact you may never want to have anything to do with me again.
‘Well, if we’re talking marriage, I’ll have to know everything, no matter what the outcome.”


“Okay.” she said, “ here goes.”


I looked at her and an instant later her clothes were on the floor, as if someone had carelessly thrown them there.  Out from under the pile crawled the black cat with the deep blue eyes.


A second later the cat was gone and Charlotte was standing before me minus her clothes of course.  She slowly got dressed and sat down on the couch, waiting for my reaction.


I wasn’t shocked or surprised; I just felt that I had witnessed something natural.  I told her so, and she got up from the couch put her arms around me, rubbed both my cheeks with hers and kiss me passionately.


I must say that the sex we had afterwards, was the best it’s ever been.


We eloped two days later.


I enjoyed married life. Charlotte gave up her apartment and moved into my house. We were very happy, all my family and friends were smitten with Charlotte, and even Linda started to warm up to her. Charlotte would transform every once in a while, and it became a natural situation for us.


A year later Charlotte made the announcement that she was pregnant. I was ecstatic, being a father appealed to me and I couldn’t wait for the baby to come.


When Charlotte had the baby I thought I would burst with pride. She was beautiful, a spitting image of her mom with black hair and deep blue eyes.


We named her, Patricia.


One day, while Charlotte was nursing her, she said Frank I need to tell you something.


“What is it?" I asked concerned at her somber tone.


“Our daughter is a man - cat.”  She said.


“I thought you said man - cats are one in 1 million.”


“Well I guess Patricia is another one in a million Man-cat baby.”


But I just got used to a man - cat wife, how am I going to cope with a man - cat daughter, especially when she becomes a teenager.


Charlotte smiled that dazzling Beautiful smile and said, “I’m sure you’ll manage.”


Written & Read By: Frank Conrad Musumici



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