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If you would like to book Frankie M. please click on the picture and submit  a request.

If you would like to book Frankie M. please click on the picture and submit a request.

About Frankie M.



Frankie M. has been singing professionally since he was in High School. He has numerous recordings available on ITunes, Amazon, and many other online record stores. 


Frankie M. has performed in many nightclubs and cabarets during his long career. He started singing at the age of ten and by the time he was in High 

School, he and his band The Vee Jays had signed with Clarity Records and released their first record. He also recorded under contract with, Winley Records, New York City and Clifton Records, Clifton New Jersey. He is currently under contract with Delorr Records & Productions.


The Hollywood Songwriting Competition Awards nominated Frankie M.’s song “A Mother’s Love Is Unconditional” for “Best Easy Listening Song of 2014 and his songs, “In My Dream” and “I’m A Wreck, I’m A Wreck” have been nominated for “Best Easy Listening Songs of 2015 also by the Hollywood Songwriting Competition Awards.


So far between 2017 and 2020, Frankie has won Nineteen “Awards of Excellence In Music”, From The Akademia Music Awards.


In 2018 Frankie was named “Cabaret Artist of The Year”

By The Akademia Music Awards.



In April 2018, Frankie performed at the famous Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas and won an outstanding Songwriter Award from the Producer’s Choice Honors.


In November 2018, Frankie won another Producers Choice Award in The F.A.M.E. Counter Culture category for Outstanding Solo Lounge Performer 



New York Appearances: (To name but a few)


  • Don K Reed Show on WCBS FM New York City
  • Dangerfield’s, New York City
  • Pip's in Brooklyn, New York
  • Catch A Rising Star, New York Cit



Frankie M. did a tour in The UK in September 2016, and has been invited back to do more shows. The Live in the UK “ album is a result of the tour It won “Best Pop Album from the Akademia Music Awards . It can be heard on Frankie’s web site


Frankie has worked on stage and in the studio with such artists as:


  • Rodney Dangerfield
  • Andy Kaufman of the sitcom Taxi
  • Joey Vann (Lead Singer of The Duprees)
  • Nick Massi of the Four Seasons


Frankie M. was also the lead singer of the vocal group Harborside (now disbanded). The group was nominated several times for U.G.H.A. 

(UNITED GROUP HARMONY ASSOCIATION) Vocal Group of The Year and also appeared in the vocal music magazine, (Harmony Times).  In 2017, Frankie M. & Harborside won a nomination for Best Oldies Song by The Akademia Music Awards.


Frankie M. & Harborside were pioneers in the style of Doo Rock Music (A blend of solid Doo Wop harmony and driving rock rhythms.)  

Frankie M. and Harborside have performed in concert with such groups as, The Skyliners, The Velours, The Drifters, The Duprees, The Dells, Johny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge, The Elegants, The Angels and many other legendary vocal groups.


Frankie M. also works with Sherilyn Metzger Przelomski.


The Duo was nominated for two best Easy Listening songs in 2015 by The Hollywood Songwriting Competition Awards. and won three best song awards from the Akademia Music Awards.